Projects under the IKS Cell, Archaeological Sciences Centre

Principal Investigator: V.N. Prabhakar, Associate Professor
Co-PI: Mana Shah, Lecturer

Manjari Sharma
Project Associate

To understand the ancient technology and innovative materials used in the bead manufacturing of Harappan civilization

To collect and collate all previous studies on the raw material s and especially ernestite. Document the various raw material samples used by the Harappans and create a database.

XRD, XRF, SEM to understand the material characteristics and micro-structure of ernestite.

To analyse erestite to understand the bead manufacturing technologies and the role of ancient materials in shaping the Harappan civilization.

Understand the continuities in bead manufacturing technologies as seen at Khambhat, identify the innovative material used by the craftspeople at Khambhat.

To conduct an ethnographic survey of the craftspeople of Khambhat and to understand the manufacturing process adopted by them. To document the traditional manufacturing processes adopted by the Khambhat craftspeople