Ernestite raw materials (Mobile)__1448533817_14.139.98.4The Archaeological Sciences Centre has started working on various research projects initiated by various faculty members.  The various scientific disciplines can be useful in the holistic understanding of our human past and aspects like palaeo-environment, palaeo-diet, provenance studies, technology, remote sensing, etc.  The samples that have been painstakingly collected during the course of archaeological excavations are the source material for various analyses. 

The analysis of samples has been carried out with the facilities available at present at IIT Gandhinagar.  Some of Charred grains, Rupnagar (Mobile)__1448533627_14.139.98.4the facilities are SEM-EDS, XRD, which are being used for basic characterization of materials.  Further, the ASC is also collaborating with other institutions like IIT Kanpur in characterization of archaeo-materials from Dholavira.  The ASC is also interacting with various disciplines to have an interdisciplinary approach in analyzing the samples in a better manner.  This also includes setting up some basic instrumentation facilities.